Triangle XYZ is shown, where n 25.Which statements are true regarding the sides and anglesof the triangle? Check all that apply.n +4OXY is the longest side.Angle X is the largest angle.Angle Z is greater than angle Y.XZ is opposite the largest angle.XZ is the shortest side.Save and Exit

Accepted Solution

Answer: 2nd, 3rd, and 5th are trueStep-by-step explanation:The first statement cannot be true, if n β‰₯ 5, which is given, then ZY must be greater than XYThe second statement must be true, as long as n β‰₯ 5, ZY will always be greater than XZ and XY, and therefore, the angle opposite to ZY will always be the greatest angle, so X is the largest angleThe third statement must be true for the same reasoning as the second statement. The side opposite to angle Z will always be greater than the side opposite of angle Y, meaning that angle Z will always be greater than angle Y (assuming n β‰₯ 5).The fourth statement is false, we already proved that X is the largest angle and XZ is not opposite of angle X.The fifth statement is true, XZ will always have the lowest value as long as n β‰₯ 5.