PLEASSEE HELPP!!Select the correct answer from each drop-down menu.__ ___ __AB is dilated by a scale factor of 3 to form A'B'. Point O, which lies on AB, is the center of dilation. __ ___ ___ The slope of AB is 3. The slope of A'B' is ____. A'B' ____through point O.1st Blank : 1/3, -1/3, 3, -3, 9, -92nd Blank: passes, does not pass.

Accepted Solution

A dilation with scale factor 3 gives the effect of stretching the line AB three times longer, as shown in the diagram below

The slope will stay the same as dilation does not change the direction of the line

If point O lies on AB and is the center of dilation, then the point O must also lie on A'B'

the slope of A'B' = 3
A'B' passes through point O