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Accepted Solution

Answer:   Reason 2: Given   Reason 4: Substitution property of equality   Statement 5: m∡Q = 55°Step-by-step explanation:The first step in solving a problem of any kind is to set aside any feelings of inadequacy or intimidation you might have, and assure yourself that you are fully capable of finding a solution.The second step is to take a look at what you have and what you are being asked for. Make sure you understand what the question is saying and what it is asking.Here, you're given two angles and told they are complementary. You are also given the value of one of them. You are being asked to prove the value of the other angle is what it is. In algebra terms, this is a "one-step linear equation." The basic idea is to subtract the given angle from their sum to find the value of the other one.__Many (most) proofs start off by listing the relationships that are given. This one does that. Statement 2 restates one of the given conditions, so Reason 2 should say that: "Given."Statement 3 invokes the definition of complementary angles to say that the sum of the given angles is 90°.Then in statement 4, the value of the given angle has been placed in the equation of statement 3 where its symbol was. Now you see 35° instead of m∡P. The property of equality that lets you substitute one equal value for another is the "substitution property of equality."Reason 5 gives you the hint that Statement 5 will involve subtracting something from both sides of the equation. To get to where you want to go, which is to have the result "m∡Q = 55°", you need to subtract 35° from both sides of the equation. Reason 5 tells you that is what you did in Statement 5, so Statement 5 is simply the end result of the proof:   m∡Q = 55°