Paracelsus University has two kinds of professors, academic professors and professional professors. At Paracelsus University, 60% of the professors are academic professors, and 70% of the professors are tenured. If 90% of the professors at Paracelsus University are academic professors or tenured or both, then what percent of the professional professors there are tenured?

Accepted Solution

Answer:  There are 75% professional professors tenured.Step-by-step explanation:Since we have given that Percentage of professors are academic professors = 60%Percentage of professors are tenured = 70%Percentage of professors are academic professors or tenured or both = 90%So, we make a table:                                              Academic         Professional  TotalTenured                      60+70-90=40                      30             70Not Tenured                  20                                      10             30Total                               60                                      40            100So, Percent of the professional professors that are tenured is given by[tex]\dfrac{30}{40}\times 100\\\\=75\%[/tex]Hence, There are 75% professional professors tenured.