Obtain expressions in component form for the position vectors having the following polar coordinates.(a) 12.0 m, 170 degrees counterclockwise from the +x axis.(b) 3.80 cm, 40.0 degrees counterclockwise from the +x axis(c) 20.0 in., 224 degrees counterclockwise from the +x axis

Accepted Solution

Answer:   (a)  (-11.818, 2.084)   (b)  (2.911, 2.443)   (c)  (-14.387, -13.893)Step-by-step explanation:The generic expression for component form is ...   components = magnitude(cos(angle), sin(angle))For repeated calculations, it works well to use a suitable calculator or spreadsheet.(a) 12.0(cos(170°), sin(170°)) ≈ (-11.818, 2.084)__(b) 3.80(cos(40°), sin(40°)) ≈ (2.911, 2.443)__(c) 20.0(cos(224°), sin(224°)) ≈ -14.387, -13.893)_____In the attachment, the calculator is treating these as complex numbers. The component marked with "i" is the component in the y-direction.