HELP ME PLEASE ASAP WILL MARK BRAINLYIST Jim and Abby each bought burgers and fries from the concession stand at the fair. Jim bought 3 burgers and 2 orders of fries for $17. Abby bought 2 burgers and 4 orders of fries for $18. How much for each burger cost? How much for each order of fries?

Accepted Solution

Answer: Burgers cost $4.00 and a orders of fries cost $2.50Step-by-step explanation:b= burgers f=orders of fries3b + 2f = 17 *you can solve by using substitution2b + 4f = 18(3b + 2f = 17)-2 Β  *you have to get "f" eliminated2b + 4f = 18-6b + -4f = -34 *add them together2b + 4f = 18-4b = -16 *divide b= 4 *now plug "b" into an equation (your pick)3*4 + 2f = 17 12+2f=17-12 Β  Β  Β -122f=5 *divide f=2.5